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Jigmail for Marketing

Use a Jigmail for your marketing campaign or invitation. On your jigsaw you can add a website link or an email link.

Jigmail automatically turns your artwork into a virtual online jigsaw. Then it pushes it out via email so people can complete it. Then it notifies you who completes it. So it’s a certain way of knowing who has interacted and read your message.

We currently offer a 6 piece jigsaw because it is fast to complete, yet still gives a feeling of accomplishment.

A Creativity Lesson From Betty Crocker

A jigsaw allows consumer involvement. This story explains why consumer involvement works:

In the 1950s, General Mills launched a line of cake mixes under the famous Betty Crocker brand. The cake mixes included all the dry ingredients in the package, in powdered form. All you needed was to add water, mix it all together, and stick the pan in the oven. It saved time and effort, and the recipe was virtually error-free. General Mills had a sure winner on its hands. Or so it thought. Despite the many benefits of the new product, it did not sell well. Even the iconic and trusted Betty Crocker brand could get homemakers to adopt the new product. Why were consumers resisting it? Psychologists concluded that average American housewives felt that they were not involved in the process. So they stopped using the product. Against all marketing conventional wisdom, General Mills revised the product. They decided to involve the housewife by asking them to add an egg to the ingredients. General Mills relaunched the new product with the slogan “Add an Egg.” Sales of Betty Crocker instant cake mix soared. The involvement meant that women had invested time and effort in the process. Okay, that may sound a bit far-fetched. But this new approach changed everything.

— so Jigmail is similar because it requires ‘an egg’ from the recipient by completing the jigsaw.

Marketing ideas using Jigmail


A jigsaw is a visual thing, so it’s a good way to send images. The receiver is enticed to complete the image.

Example: Your email could say “Hi John, check out our new shoe” and so they complete the jigsaw to see the shoe. On completion they automatically get emailed a copy of the completed jigsaw for safe keeping. Meanwhile you can see who has completed the jigsaw on your Dashboard.


Arranging jigsaw pieces to reveal a simple written message is compelling.

Example: The email asks “Hi John, do you know how much life insurance is?” then the jigsaw reveals the answer. It can also contain a link to a website.


A jigsaw is perfect for an invitations. The receiver is compelled to complete it. Their personal involvement in solving it means there is a good chance of them accepting the invitation.

Example: The email says “Hi John, we have an invitation for you” and the jigsaw reveals it and also contains an RSVP email link to reply.


If an offer is good then a jigsaw is a fun way to receive it.

Example: The email says “Hi John, we have a special offer for you” and the jigsaw reveals it.


A jigsaw is an engaging way to communicate important news to staff or customers - especially when you need assurance that they have read it.

Example: The email says “John, we have a new manager starting on Monday” and the jigsaw reveals the manager’s photo and their message and link to their email.

Measurable Marketing

Jigmail is a measurable engagement because when someone completes your jigsaw you know they have actually read your message.

This is better than email statistics that tell you ‘delivered’ or ‘opened’ which only means your message has viewed in their email feed, so they may have ignored it or immediately deleted it!

Cost Control

You only pay for 'completes'. This means you only pay for jigsaws that are actually completed. And only by the people on your email list. So your spending is limited and you can't over spend.

Jigmail tells you the maximum amount your campaign will cost if all the receivers complete your jigsaw. So you simply pre-approve that budget. You will only be charged for actual ‘completes’, so your final spend will not be more than your approved budget.

Reach Certainty

Because you only pay for ‘completes’, this means you only pay for the people who complete your jigsaw and have actually read your message. No wasting money! This adds 100% certainty on your spend.

No more wasting money on vague ‘clicks’ or ‘views’ which don’t equate to communication.

The key features of a Jigmail

• Turns your image into a virtual online jigsaw

• Allows you to embed a link in the jigsaw

• Dashboard reporting that is easy to understand

• Certainty of knowing your audience has actually engaged with your message

• Recipient involvement

• Measurable.

Jigmail by you or your agency

It’s easy to create a unique jigsaw yourself, or get your advertising design agency to create one for you. There are 4 steps to a Jigmail campaign:

1) Make your jigsaw

You can use one of our templates, or add your own image and text. You can also add a live link (to a webpage or an email reply). This will automatically get made into a jigsaw.

2) Add your email list

You then add the email addresses that your jigsaw will be send to. Or import an email list by CSV file. Add a message that will appear in the email if you want to. Send a test to yourself. Then send your ‘campaign’ out.

3) Set your budget

Jigmail tells you the maximum amount your campaign will cost if all the receivers complete your jigsaw. So you simply pre-approve that budget. You will only be charged for actual ‘completes’, so your final spend will not be more than your approved budget.

4) People complete your jigmail!

As people complete your jigsaw you will be notified so you can see the activity on your ‘dashboard’ page. It shows how many ‘completes’ and amount ‘charged’ as your campaign progresses.

In conclusion, a Jigmail is easy to set up and monitor. It’s fun for the receivers. But most importantly you know who has completed it and therefore engaged with it.

We are here to help

We are a small kiwi team who will help you as best we can. If you are a business that needs help creating an awesome Jigmail then please contact us.