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About Us

We are a small group of post grad students and human enthusiasts in New Zealand.

The idea of creating a virtual jigsaw came during the Covid lockdown as something fun that people could share remotely.

About Jigmail

A jigsaw is a fun way of sharing an image. Our jigsaws take only about 20 seconds to complete.

Jigmail means jigsaw + email

It automatically turns your image into a virtual online jigsaw. Then emails it out. It also notifies you who completes it.

It's no-risk. You only pay when a person actually solves your jigsaw. No wasting money!

Most importantly, Jigmail is a measurable engagement because when someone completes your jigsaw you know they have actually read your message. This is better than other email statistics that tell you "delivered" or "opened" which only means your message has appeared in their email feed or they may have deleted it straight away without actually reading it. Jigmail eliminates that risk.

The benefits of Jigmail

  • Turns an image into a virtual online jigsaw
  • Allows embedding a link in the jigsaw
  • Allows sending out to friends
  • Lets the sender know when the jigsaw is completed by the receiver
  • Gives the sender certainty the receiver has engaged and read the jigsaw
  • Dashboard (analytics) that is easy to understand for the sender
  • Measurable marketing
  • A jigsaw enables the receiver to participate and enjoy the communication exchange

How a Jigmail works

It’s easy to create a unique jigsaw and send it out to your friends or clients:

1. Make your jigsaw

You can use one of our templates, or add your own image and text. You can also add a live link (to a webpage or an email reply). This will automatically get made into a jigsaw.

2. Add your email list

You then add the email addresses that your jigsaw will be send to. Or import an email list by CSV. Add a message that will appear in the email if you want to. Send a test to yourself. Then send your ‘campaign’ out.

3. Set your budget

Jigmail tells you the maximum amount your campaign will cost if all the receivers solve your jigsaw. So you simply pre-approve that budget. You will only be charged for actual ‘solves’, so your final spend will not be more than your approved budget.

4. People solve your jigmail!

As people solve your jigsaw you will be notified so you can see the activity on your ‘dasboard’ page. It shows how many ‘solves’ and amount ‘charged’ as your campaign progresses.

In conclusion, a Jigmail is easy to set up and monitor. It’s fun for the receivers. But most importantly you know who has solved it and therefore engaged with it.

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